Care and Cleaning Instructions

  • How to clean your play mat: Gently wipe the mat with a diluted non-abrasive soap and water mixture.To disinfect your mat from time to time, use a white spirit vinegar and water mixture to disinfect your mat. Please do not use any harsh chemicals or alcohol-based products that could damage the mat. DO NOT USE any cleaning product that contains lemon juice or any form of ingredient that contains lemon as this will damage the top layer/ cause fading (for example Sunlight Liquid, Domestos). Dry completely before walking on the mat. CLEANING TIP: Place your cleaning mixture into a spray bottle, this will help to get in between the little nooks and crannies of the surface of the mat.
  • Do not soak, submerge or hose down. Do not leave in the rain!
  • Avoid leaving your play mat in sunlight for extended periods or on hot surfaces, including heaters where the mats are in direct contact with heat.

  • Placing furniture on the mat may leave permanent indentations.

  • Not designed for animals, be sure to keep them off.

  • Keep away from sharp objects such as scissors, high heels, chair legs or like items that could puncture the mats surface

  • Not recommended for use with ink pens.

  • If using your play mat for 'messy' play such as water based paints and play dough immediately clean mat after use with mild detergent to prevent stains. 

  • If a puncture or tear occurs the play mat is no longer suitable for messy or water play. Take care when cleaning around the tear. Do not allow water to soak in.