Cloth Playpen - DETAILS

  • Size, Weight and Color:
    • Two sizes available: 200x180cm OR 180x150cm
    • Height: 65cm
    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Color: Light Grey
  • Age: Suited for kids from 6 months to 3 years
  • AssemblyThe playpen is assembled using steel pipes, and it's covered in sponge for an extra layer of protection. This likely adds cushioning to the structure, making it safer for children.
  • MaterialThe playpen is made from non-toxic Oxford Cloth with a breathable mesh guard. This material is safe for children and allows for proper ventilation inside the playpen.
  • Anti-collision foamThere is anti-collision foam on the steel pipes to provide additional protection, further enhancing the safety of the playpen.
  • Sturdy secure structure: The playpen is designed to have a sturdy and secure structure, ensuring that it remains stable while in use.
  • Opening: The playpen has an exterior zipper that allows you to open and close it. This feature helps keep your child safe within the playpen while still allowing easy access.
  • Scientifically structured height: The playpen is designed with a height that allows your child to stand up but prevents them from being able to climb out, ensuring their safety.
  • Anti-slip suction cups: The playpen is equipped with anti-slip suction cups to prevent it from moving around when in use. This adds stability to the structure.
  • Toy/wipes storage pocket: There is a storage pocket included in the playpen, which can be used to keep toys, wipes, or other essential items within easy reach.
  • Easy installation: The playpen is designed for easy installation, making it convenient for parents or caregivers to set up and use.
  • Carry bag/Storage bag: The included carry bag doubles as a storage bag, making it easy to store the playpen when it's not in use or transport it when needed.

Overall, this playpen appears to be well-designed with a focus on safety, convenience, and entertainment for children. It offers various features that can make it a useful tool for parents or caregivers.