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Grip Mat - For 2 Mats

Grip Mat - For 2 Mats

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The Sadiekids GRIP MAT is a practical solution for keeping play mats, or any type of rug, securely in place. This product is designed to provide extra grip, making it a valuable addition to various settings, including your home and environments such as nursery schools or playgroups where multiple play mats are commonly used side by side. With this product, you can ensure that your play mats remain in their intended position, creating a safe and comfortable space for children to play and learn.

Available in two sizes:

PRODUCT 1: 1.5m x 1.5m (for one play mat)

PRODUCT 2: 3.0m x 1.5m (for two play mats)

See further product features, additional details, and care instructions below.


Product Features

  • Size of GRIPMAT: 1.5m x 3.0m
    • Suitable to fit under two play mats, sized:
      • 2m x 1.8m x 2 = Play Mat area (3.6 x 2m)
      • 8m x 1.5m x 2 = Play Mat area (3.0 x 1.8m) 
  • Material: Fiberglass mesh coated with PVC plastic
  • Easy to assemble
  • For various types of floors: Tile, Laminated, Rugs
  • Tear-resistant
  • Washable
  • Adjustable size: Can be cut into smaller sizes
  • Enhanced grip: This is not a glue that will stick your play mat to your floor but is very close and will provide extra grip.


  • Size: View Product Features Page for exact measurements of our Grip Mat options. Please send us an email if you have any questions regarding which size is suitable for your play mat.

It's good to know that the Sadiekids GRIP MAT doesn't have to be the exact same dimensions as your play mat. This flexibility allows you to use a slightly smaller GRIP MAT to prevent it from sticking out from the sides of your play mat. Despite the size difference, it will still provide efficient grip and serve its purpose effectively. If you have any uncertainties or specific sizing requirements, you can contact Sadiekids for guidance and assistance by emailing This ensures that you can get the right GRIP MAT for your needs and maintain a secure and comfortable play area.

  • Material: The grip mat is constructed from fiberglass mesh coated with PVC plastic, which is likely a durable and sturdy material choice.
  • Ease of Assembly: It's designed to be easy to assemble, which means it should be relatively straightforward to place the grip mat under your play mat.
  • Suitable for Various Floors: This grip mat is versatile and can be used on different types of floors, including tile, laminated, and rugs. It suggests that it provides stability on these surfaces.
  • Tear-Resistant: The material is described as tear-resistant, indicating that it can withstand wear and tear over time.
  • Washable: Rinse with water and drip dry (make sure it is 100% dry before placing under your play mat)
  • Adjustable Size: You can cut the grip mat into smaller sizes if needed. This feature provides flexibility to tailor it to your specific play mat or flooring requirements.
  • Enhanced Grip: While it's not adhesive like glue, it's designed to offer a strong grip that will help prevent your play mat from moving around on the floor. This can be particularly useful in keeping play mats in place and ensuring safety during playtime.

Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping all over South Africa! (2-4 working days)


Sadiekids has a 7 day return policy. Incorrect use of the product and failure to follow care instructions will prevent you from returning the product.

Care Instructions

To clean your GRIPMAT, wash it with water and allow it to air dry.

If you prefer to use a cleaning solution other than water, you can use our Sadiekids play mat cleaning concentrate or mix a natural handwash with water and dip your play mat into the solution.

Be sure to ensure that the Grip Mat is completely dry before placing it under your play mat.

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  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    We always want you, the customer to be happy when purchasing one of our padded play mats. If you are not happy with the design of your chosen play mat and your play mat is still in the same condition as received, you can ask for an exchange to another design within 7 working days. You will be liable for the returning shipping cost and the delivery cost of the new play mat.