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Luxe Folder - Grey

Luxe Folder - Grey

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Say Hello to our most versatile play mat to date. Use our Luxe-Folder as a play mat, sofa or travel companion. The convenient size (1.4m x 1.4m) and incredible thickness (4cm) gives you a variety of options with Luxe-Folder. 

Made with premium high quality vegan leather with an additional silicon layer for enhanced safety and extra grip. Just imagine the amount of fun you and your family will have on a 4cm thick padded play mat. 

Product Features

  • Size (laid out): 145cm x 140cm
  • Size (folded): (L)140cm x (W)49cm x (H)13cm 
  • Thickness: 4cm thick foam core
  • Foldable, Portable
  • Inner layer material: High density EPE foam 
  • Outer layer material: Non-toxic PU leather
  • Easy to clean, wipeable outer layer
  • Additional silicon layer is coated on the PU leather
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy storage
  • Carry Bag included




    • Sizing: 1.45m x 1.4m 
    • Size (folded): (L)140cm x (W)49cm x (H)13cm 
    • Thickness: 4cm
    • Outer layer: Non-toxic PU (polyurethane) leather
    • Inner layer: High density EPE foam
    • 4cm Shock-absorbent foam core with a wipe clean topcoat. 
    • Additional silicon layer is coated on the PU leather: Silicone is naturally adhesive and the added silicone layer prevents the mat from easily sliding and slipping around.

      Safety Testing:

      • Our play mats are independently tested to insure it is safe for kids to use. 
      • No harmful heavy metals (such as lead or mercury) or toxic substances.


      • Carry bag for easy storage and travel.

      Shipping & Returns

      We offer free shipping all over South Africa! (2-4 working days)


      Sadiekids has a 7 day return policy. Incorrect use of the play mat and failure to follow care instructions will prevent you from returning the product.

      Care Instructions

      • How to clean your play mat: DO'S AND DON'TS

      DO'S: Four easy steps on how to clean your play mat:

        1. DUST OFF: Start by dusting off any loose particles or dirt from the play mat to ensure a smooth surface.
        2. SPRAY AND SPREAD: Apply our play mat cleaning spray onto your play mat. Alternatively, prepare a diluted mixture with white vinegar and water using a 1:4 ratio. Use a spray bottle to evenly apply it onto the mat. Use our Sadiekids play mat cloth or any soft cloth to evenly spread the cleaning mixture over the entire surface for efficient and effective cleaning.
        3. WIPE CLEAN: Use a dry or semi-dry cloth to clean your play mat thoroughly. It is not necessary to wipe off any cleaning agent afterwards.
        4. LET IT DRY: When cleaning your play mat or the floor beneath it, ensure that the play mat is thoroughly dried on the side that will be placed facing downward on the floor before repositioning it. ALSO, ensure that the floor is completely dry before setting the play mat on top. Do not let it dry in direct sunlight!
      • Cleaning Products to Use/ Avoid:
        • Safe to use: Sadiekids Play Mat Cleaner (recommended), OR 1:4 diluted vinegar mixture.
        • Do not use: Cleaning products that contains any alcohol (not even a natural alcohol), surfactants, chlorite or any harsh chemicals, Examples below: 
          • DO NOT USE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING, this is examples of cleaning products that cannot be used on our play mats: Handy Andy, Sunlight Liquid, Tile Cleaners (not even Natural Tile Cleaners), Kitchen Cleaner (not even Natural Kitchen Cleaners), Domestos, Miltons (contains hypochlorite), Pine Gel (contains surfactants) or 'SoPure Nursery Toy and Seri-Mist' (contains a natural alcohol). NO PRODUCTS THAT INCLUDES SURFACTANTS (Anionic/Non-Ionic).
      •  DON'TS: Avoid the following:
        • Restrain from using high volumes of fluid, to prevent excess fluid from accumulating on the side of the mat.
        • Do not soak, submerge or hose down your play mat. Gently wipe the mat with a soft cloth. 
        • Ensure that all excess water is drained from the cloth before you gently rub the mat with it. The cloth should not be soaking wet. This will exempt the mat from damage caused by water penetrating the foam due to the corners not being 100% sealed.
        • DO NOT leave the mat in direct sunlight after cleaning as this might cause the top layer to damage. 
        • Do not leave your play mat in the rain.
        • Please avoid vacuum cleaning your play mat as it may cause the top layer to lift 
        • Avoid leaving your play mat in sunlight for extended periods or on hot surfaces, including heaters where the mats are in direct contact with heat.
        • Not recommended for use with ink pens.
        • Placing furniture on the mat may leave permanent indentations.
        • PETS: The play mats are not intended to be used by animals. It is important to prevent pets with sharp nails or a propensity for biting to use your play mat, as they may damage the top film layer.
        • Keep away from sharp objects such as scissors, high heels, chair legs or like items that could puncture the mats surface.
        • When cleaning your play mat or the floor beneath it, ensure that the play mat is thoroughly dried on the side that will be placed facing downward on the floor before repositioning it. ALSO, ensure that the floor is completely dry before setting the play mat on top.
      • Pay attention to the following:
        • If using your play mat for 'messy' play such as water-based paints and play dough immediately clean mat after use with mild detergent to prevent stains. 
        • If a puncture or tear occurs the play mat is no longer suitable for messy or water play. Take care when cleaning around the tear. Do not allow water to soak in. 
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      • Hassle-Free Exchanges

        We always want you, the customer to be happy when purchasing one of our padded play mats. If you are not happy with the design of your chosen play mat and your play mat is still in the same condition as received, you can ask for an exchange to another design within 7 working days. You will be liable for the returning shipping cost and the delivery cost of the new play mat.